Vocational Training

We have referred various students to industrial training institute after Secondary school certificate. Many students got the jobs at local industrial zone with the support of institute. Recently, state government has stopped industrial training institutes for deaf and dumb and mentally challenged children. Due to this our students are not able to get employment opportunities. Therefore, here is immediate need of industrial training institute which will insure capacity building, training and skill development which will lead to employment opportunities and self esteem of students.

Goal of the Future Project

To equip students to get employment opportunities in order to make them self-dependent, increase the self-esteem and confidence among the deaf and dumb as well as handicapped children by providing them vocational training through Industrial Training Institute,and its principle objectives are to

  • To build a vocational skill and capacities among the deaf – dumb and handicapped children.

The strength of the each course will be 15 students in a year. We will use our existing infrastructure for class room and hostel however supports for staff salary and start up investment is needed to purchase necessary equipments and appliances. Following course would be started within the organization premises.

    • Computer Course.
    • Plumbing Course.
    • Welding Course.
    • Tailoring Course.
  • To develop a confidence and positive attitude among general  communities about the deaf-dumb and handicapped children.

All the below activities will help to build a positive attitude and confidence among the student and their families about themselves. The public meeting and exhibition will provide a platform for student to explore their skills and capacities to general society which will lead to self employment and hence employment opportunities.

    • Exhibition of greeting cards, craft etc.
    • Public meeting with secondary stake holders.
    • Individual and family counseling.
    • Community event of student and parents.
  • To create a placement cell: meeting with employer for recruitment of dumb and deaf person in relevant companies.

These activities will help to sensitize an employer to understand a capacities, skills and limitation of students which will lead to proper work allocation to students. This will also develop a rapport between students, employer and school to deal with crisis in future which will support student to ensure a sustainability of employment.

    • Identification of Industries within local industrial zone such as MIDC.
    • Placement meeting with employer.
    • Industrial exposure visit to students.
    • Involving industrial owner to create employment for ITI certified students.

Activity Work Plan

Institutes would undertake following activities on monthly basis over a year.


  • Infrastructure set up for all courses including purchase of necessary equipment and appliances.
  • Individual and family counseling.
  • Community event of student and parents.
  • Exhibition of greeting cards, craft etc.
  • Public meeting with secondary stake holders.
  • Identification of Industries within MIDC.
  • Advocacy and sensitization meeting with employer.
  • Involving industrial owner to ITI activities.
  • Industrial exposure visit to students.

Capacity Building

Samata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal has an experience of running a primary and secondary school for deaf and dumb and mentally challenged children. Our staff is trained with special skills and capacities to educate the children. We will recruit a committed staff for the Industrial training Institutes and provide training to them by our existing trainer.

Sustainability Plan

We are already trying to convince Government for the Industrial training Institute to special children nevertheless government has adopted a policy of privatization of education system & giving permission as non grantable school even for deaf and dumb children. This project will create a evidence to government and civil society that special children has a skill and capacities  to work and self employment which will enable us to convince government for providing special grant for special  children school/training institution.