image1If you are interested in volunteering, you are in the right place. SSPM invites individuals, couples, groups, families and students to make contribution and bring changes. We have been welcoming students and travelers both from India and abroad.

Currently we are looking for volunteers for following projects:


Crafts workshop activities

  • Teach drawing and designing
  • Teach crafts and handmade arts
  • Teach kids what recycling is, make crafts from recycled materials
  • Create a fun, colorful environment for the children through games and other creative activities.

 Sports volunteering

Your help will provide a platform to many children not only just to improve their fitness and health, but also to enjoy more play time with their friends. You will become a member of the local community and experience the interesting and amazing culture of one of the unique corners of India through our sports volunteering program. In the sports volunteering your time on the program will be divided amongst sports coaching and other valuable community work.

  • Training games for each sport to help transmit the skill of being tough.
  • Organize Inter-school competitions
  • Develop the physical health of the children through activities that utilize their energy in games, etc
  • The most popular sports in India are volleyball, football and cricket.

Child care at the hostel

The children will be the main focus of volunteer activity. hostel will regularly be visited by the volunteers to work with the children. The volunteers will get involved with the children in various games and learning exercises to create interest in developing their physical health and potential.

Office work volunteering

  • Improving and developing school’s website
  • Managing social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Fundraising funds and in-kind from corporate sector
  • Establishing CSR partnerships with corporates
  • Creating CSR programs and executing it

Please feel free to mix and match all listed activities to create your perfect volunteering experience!

We are always looking for new ideas and ways how to improve system in our school. We are open to suggestions, critics and innovations.

image2Volunteer Olya Berg

“There is always a moment when you realize the importance of helping others. When I left my career in jewelry industry, I knew what I would do next – helping children.

I was lucky to find a small school in beautiful city called Satara, India.

The school is non-government organization for children with different disabilities. It was organized by Mr. Parth Polke in 1984 and began with only 5 students.

During my stay I was fascinated by knowledge and courage of Mr. Polke. I enjoyed every day that I had spent with children.

The biggest lesson I had learned from kids and Mr. Parth is try the impossible. Don’t start low down because thats where you are now. Do not be afraid and arry on”